Completely – gracefully – honestly… you

leaha-1The last few years have been busy. Crazy busy, with amazing creative projects. But my camera has been packed away and only pulled out for a few corporate gigs.

So when Leaha asked me to do a pin up shoot with her, I said ‘ Hell yeah!” I have known Leaha for years, she was one of my first models when I started photography. And some of those images we took are still among my fave pics.

Taking pin up photos is a hugely satisfying, seeing woman find something unique and gorgeous about themselves and own it. Something no one else has.

To me Leaha is soft, kind, powerful and strong. And I think all of these quality shine in the photos. The kitchen goddess shoot was sooo much fun! Thanks to Chris for letting us throw cake all over your kitchen floor and rearrange your vintage treasures. ( Seriously, you have the coolest stuff.)

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who owns who she is – completely – gracefully – honestly. Thanks for inviting me and my camera to play x


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