Happiness: photoshoot with Leigh West

A few months ago I was lucky to be part of an inspiring event. ABC radio presenter Brad Marsellos film maker and James Latter presented the Bundaground Film Festival at the Bondstore basement in Maryborough. Seeing the exciting new talent of local filmmakers in this very special venue got me all inspired to learn more about film.

I am lucky to have a beautiful friend and muse in local artist Leigh West. Leigh has a very rare connectedness to others and the world around her which shines both through her art and her spirit. She also has a quality which makes her wonderful to film, the ability to both engage with the camera and be immersed in her own world.

So we headed to my favourite beach. I am a newbee to film and wasn’t expecting to make a masterpiece but wanted to capture the sounds, textures and light on the beach. This place is special. Away from the maddening sounds of suburbia, the only voices in the quiet are the wind and the waves and the seabirds chattering. It is my happy place and everyone I bring there feels the same.

Here is my first small film, lots of exciting things to learn but I am loving the journey.


[cvm_video id=”726″]




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