How to make an artist smile

Most artists I know would keep making art even if they never sold another artwork. It’s kind of like people who love sport. There comes a time when you accept you probably won’t make the Olympics, but you keep turning up to training just the same. Because you love it. And it kind of defines who you are.

nicole mcbride 1I made the decision a while back to work full time, rather than be a full time artist. And I am lucky that my job involves working with other amazing artists. But the irony is that as I spend more time working in the arts, I have less time to be an artist. And that’s completely OK.

It makes me really appreciate the time I do have to create. It’s my personal Nirvana, the time I get to spend flicking paint around, listening to music, drinking wine. It’s a wonderful escape. I think making art is like taking a  holiday, without leaving home.

Because I don’t make a lot of art at the moment, it is so fulfilling when people love what I have made enough to buy it. It really reminds me that I AM still an artist. It is the icing on the cake. Would I stop creating if I never sold another piece? Probably not, but it is wonderful to feel the love.

And it sure puts a great big smile on my face to hear how much people love having my art in their home.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who comment, like and share my art. And a big thanks to those who love it enough to live with it in their homes.



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