Inspired Artist Feature Robert Commandeuer

Stunning Cinematography with a smile:Robert Commandeuer

10994436_416428838523432_1330918683021944868_nA few years ago I was asked to breakfast with a group of girls and it became obvious that one of the group was not like the rest of us. Sitting at the end of the table was a man with a big smile, quite happy to be the token male at the ladies breakfast. I love a man who is totally at ease with women.

I sat next to Robert and I think we spent the next 2 hours talking about life, loss, love, art, photography and everything in between. So even before I knew what an amazing artist Robert was, I just really liked him.

And then I after seeing his cinemtography I was gobsmacked. He is AMAZING. Robert has a wonderful way of finding the beauty in every situation and capturing that on film. Seeing him in action filming a wedding I understood why. Sure is is technically brilliant. But it was the same feeling that I got from him that morning at breakfast that really made him great. His love for people and his ability to see the best in others allowed people to open themselves up to him and be open, raw, vulnerable and honest. And in this honesty there is real emotion. A type of beauty you can’t fake.

I love meeting artists who are genuine, down to earth and generous. And Robert is all of those in spades. If you haven’t seen his work, do yourself a favour and pop over to his Facebook page and take a sqiuzz.

[cvm_video id=”659″]

While I on the topic of inspiring creatives in the Fraser Coast who inspires you with their creative talents?


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