Modern canvas art

nicole mcbride 1Thanks for stopping by and checking out my modern canvas art. I am in love with colour and texture, and very inspired by things that make life beautiful; animals, nature, laughter and positivity. Painting is my way of life really, it’s not unusual for me to wake up at 3am with an idea for a painting!

Like most creative people, I am crazy passionate about that I do.  I paint using mixed media on canvas, which i throw down, scratch back, paint over and repeat to create beautiful textures.  Often an animal of object or person reveals itself to me half way through, my paintings constantly change and evolve. It is always a thrill to step back and see what the final product becomes.

I don’t think own a piece of clothing that doesn’t have paint on it…

My weekends are usually spent covered in paint and colour! Add some great tunes ( and a sneaky glasss of Sav Blanc) and that’s my favorite  happy place. Right now summer is on the way, so it’s all about colour, texture and energy.  I can’t get enough colour around me! I sell my modern canvas art through my shop and regularly update new work on facebook. So if you like what i do, pop over and keep up to date.

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